anyone got silverstone freq's

Scanning radio frequencies for the East Midlands
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anyone got silverstone freq's

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as its gp weekend and Ilive in towcester I thought it would be a good chance to pickup some traffic, circuit or heli's
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Re: anyone got silverstone freq's

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Probably hideously out of date, but a starting point I guess.

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Re: anyone got silverstone freq's

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Most teams are digital: TETRA or Nexedge. Silverstone using encrypted Nexedge for Posts/Race Control (but just for this race), and VHF/UHF DMR for most other things.

Teams that are still analogue are:

9 DAMS 457.38125 & 467.41875
10 DAMS 459.2875 & 469.0500
18 Rapax 167.0500 & 171.6125
19 Rapax 167.3750 & 171.9375

14 DAMS 457.3813 & 467.4188
15 DAMS 457.40625 & 465.2000
16 DAMS 458.3250 & 466.7875

Silverstone Heliport: 123.325

TV/Media all over the UHF Band, starting 400 up to 510MHz but primarily 446 (for CH4) and 455/457/462 bands (for Sky TV).
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