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essex DMR

Posted: 06 Jan 2017, 12:48
by M3ZZN
hi all can any give me any clues if there is anything to listen to on dmr in essex?

i have recently got a retevis rt3 for xmas for the mrs after banging on about it for 6 months lol now i want some stuff to ear wig i have all the amateur stuff but i want some other things to listen to is there anything at all out there

Re: essex DMR

Posted: 30 Mar 2017, 09:38
by radiosification
I'm not in essex but I'm sure there will be something. Most new installations of business radio systems seem to be DMR these days, and it has been like this for the last few years. If you have an RTL SDR, you can very easily find DMR systems and also find the info to program them into your radio. An RTL SDR only costs around £10 so it's a worthwhile investment for finding things to listen to.