Great Yarmouth Maritime festival

Scanning radio frequencies for East Anglia
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Great Yarmouth Maritime festival

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Hi all,I will be going to the festival in September with my uniden75xlt.
Has anyone please got any useful frequencies for the area that I can put in my scanner in advance?I'm mainly interested in the marine ones,but any others would be welcome.
I will try closecall on the day for stewards etc but putting the relevant marine ones into the scanner in advance would be helpful.
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Re: Great Yarmouth Maritime festival

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You could tune into GB3JS on 433.025, its located on the Star Hotel opp the quay so you should hear it although the antenna was at an angle last time I drove by....there will be no one on it of course....

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Re: Great Yarmouth Maritime festival

Post by AdrianNR30 »


Ch. 00 - 156.0000 - HMCG (Humber Coastguard)
Ch. 67 - 156.3750 - HMCG
Ch.12 - 156.6000 - Great Yarmouth Port Ops (plus Haven & Breydon Bridges)
Ch. 16 - 156.8000 - General Calling
Ch. 99 - 160.6000 - HMCG (Been quiet since Yarmouth Coastguard closed and transferred to Humber)
Ch. 65 - 160.875/156.275 - National Coastwatch Institution (National Channel)

Private Channels
158.4750 - Caister Independent Lifeboat (Launch & Recovery)
161.2250 - RNLI Lifeguards (Yarmouth & Gorleston)
162.2500 - Broads Authority

Could well be worth taking the time to programme in all the UK public marine channels (including 00 & 99 that are classed as private) & possibly also the Private Marine Channels.

UHF On Board Communications (*=Recently Heard)

457.525, 457.5375, 457.55, 457.5625, 457.575*, 467.525*, 467.5375, 467.55*, 467.5625, 467.575

Other Locals that may be of interest

167.7750 - Greater Yarmouth Tourist Authority - Events (Active in previous years at this event)

166.1375 - Shopwatch
166.8875 - Pubwatch (Pubs, clubs & seafront)
165.8125 - Market Gates Shopping Centre Security

167.0875 - Pleasure Beach

165.1625 - Haven Caister Holiday Park
453.0625 - Haven Seashore Holiday Park
461.3375 - Vauxhall Holiday Park

Hope these are of some interest,

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