Lowestoft DMR Frequencies

Scanning radio frequencies for East Anglia
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Lowestoft DMR Frequencies

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Hi don’t suppose anyone can help with Lowestoft DMR frequencies, I have the x3 frequencies, I tried to put in a single freq 15 times each with a different cc but only flashing a green light on there tx, nothing herd then changed the slot to 2 but still nothing, the frets I have are, 165.175/165.125/166.187
Any help here would be great thanks.
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Re: Lowestoft DMR Frequencies

Post by Werthers »

You need to make sure you have the correct talk group for the channel you have programed in otherwise the green light will flash indicating traffic but nothing will be received if the correct talk group isn't set on the RX.

Always make sure you have the correct color code set and time slot.

What I normally do is there if multiple talk groups on a single frequency and time slots then I create 2 separate channels, one for slot 1 and one for slot 2 that way I can hear traffic on both slots so for example...

453.7375 MHz
Color Code 2
Talk Groups:
7001 Slot 1
7002 Slot 1
7003 Slot 2
7004 Slot 2

I'd add all those talk groups to an RX list and add it to Channels 1 and 2 that way it will hear all traffic on those talk groups regardless of slot as there are two channels for slot 1 and slot 2 but both will have the talk groups in the RX list for both. It dose take some faffing about with and checking everything 5 times to make sure everything is in the right order and sometimes services can change there talk groups and slots so if your making scanning zones the only way to really find out is getting a DMR scanner that will give you the "current" correct information what you need to program into your radio otherwise it can be a waste of time if the info is not current.
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