Ranger RCI-2970 N2 (Outputing 400 Watts PEP on SSB)

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Ranger RCI-2970 N2 (Outputing 400 Watts PEP on SSB)

Post by minon » 10 Aug 2018, 09:48

I recently got a Ranger RCI-2970 N2 from an eBay auction and apart from the usual scrapes on the sides from the bracket it is working fine.

I ran it on several analog and digital meters to determine the power on all modes, what I discovered is a little strange.

1.) On SSB, it is putting out 420Watts Forward Power and around 2 Watts reflected power, into my President Himalaya WB and also similar into my 1000 Watt Dummy load.
2.) On FM, it produces around 120 Watts
3.) On AM, it swings to around 350 Watts.

I have used the MFJ- 826B ( and have calibrated it) and also the Daiwa CN901HP to get these measurements.

I have yet to open the radio but one thing I did notice to the rear is a switch, which I am guessing is to turn the amp off as with it off it is around 4 Watts on FM and around 20 Watts on SSB.

I have heard of people getting an N4 board put in, does anyone know how this could be identified and if it does not have this board what could the reason be for such a large amount of power ?

Also note on full power this draws around 42 Amps from my PSU.

Regarding audio, I have tested this and there is no distortion, splatter or any problems, whilst testing via a stream from another operator around 5 miles away.

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Re: Ranger RCI-2970 N2 (Outputing 400 Watts PEP on SSB)

Post by The Collector » 11 Aug 2018, 12:09

If it wasn't for the fact you say it's drawing soooo many amps, I'd think you were looking at the wrong power scale ;)
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Re: Ranger RCI-2970 N2 (Outputing 400 Watts PEP on SSB)

Post by sickboy » 11 Aug 2018, 17:57

I've no idea but noticed on another site there's someone selling a Ranger rci 69ffb4 which also does 400w. Could be a similar board used?
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Re: Ranger RCI-2970 N2 (Outputing 400 Watts PEP on SSB)

Post by superstar » 15 Aug 2018, 15:29

yep it’s normal, ive got a ranger rci ffc2 which is half the power of your model
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