Maxon SL55 U2 software and cable

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Re: Maxon SL55 U2 software and cable

Post by scottpeters90 » 06 Apr 2011, 20:39

will a usb to serial adaptor work for programing maxon sl55 radios from my vista laptop?


Re: Maxon SL55 U2 software and cable

Post by Slym » 22 Mar 2012, 15:56


has anyone managed to program the SL55 radio and which lead/cable have you used? I only found one cable for SL55 on eBay and its over 50$ :o

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Re: Maxon SL55 U2 software and cable

Post by V40mav » 14 Aug 2012, 22:00

Hi - I have recently picked up 4 x SL55's which need to be re programmed to the channels the local team use -

Following various links and options - I was able to get a few files downloaded but none of these seem to run to open the software

My main systems are Mac's but I keep an old laptop specifically for radio programming and it has always worked fine - running Win XP pro.

I'm totally un familiar with Maxon's and never used these before now - Always used Icom's.( F3's) I also have the Icom cloing cable to usb - again which I wanted to try with this -

Anyone offer advise on

1. where to get the right files
2. installing software



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Re: Maxon SL55 U2 software and cable

Post by whitecollar » 04 Sep 2012, 22:27


I bought the parts to make the programmer a while ago and never got around to it.

I've soldered most of it together tonight. I'll have a bash at programming the radios tomorrow or the next day and report back. If all goes well I can probably do it for you if you like.


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Re: Maxon SL55 U2 software and cable

Post by wires » 04 Sep 2012, 22:38

My prevous employer was a maxon agent, you will need an older pc, not a mac and the gen maxon cables don't like usb- serial adaptors, idealy a 486 or slower, you can run it on xp but have to play with the compatabity settings but never had any luck with vista/win7/dos box

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Re: Maxon SL55 U2 software and cable

Post by scottyboy » 02 Apr 2013, 14:47

going to bring this back to life again,
i am looking for a programme cable for the sl55 also, (see my other thread about it in this section)
does anyone know for sure if the above mentioned icom cable or any other cable will do?
is it just the 3.5 pin required for programming?
as i have a 5 in 1 programming cable i got a while ago for motorolas etc and it has a 2.5 pin cable, i could buy a 3.5 to 2.5 adaptor and try it but looking to see if anyone has had any joy with a non maxon lead before i try other ways.

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Re: Maxon SL55 U2 software and cable

Post by ikn369330 » 09 Feb 2019, 09:17

Adding to this rather than re-open it, has anyone managed to build the connection cable that is required, or does anyone have a cable that they want to sell?

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