Problem programming Kenwood TK-3301

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Re: Problem programming Kenwood TK-3301

Postby 310den » 09 Aug 2017, 14:12

310den wrote:
moj wrote:this sounds weird in theory it should work with the sample dat file aslong as a frequency is entered !

A fault must of developed but it's annoying as it will transmit in test mode in the software. Will have to be just a receiver now then unless i find a way round this.

Update for this radio:
I let the battery go very low and the looked at the level in engineer mode and set it at that lower level. It was obviously set way too high somehow, perhaps a previous owner played about with setting?
The radio now transmits fine and works as it should………. EXCEPT……….. there is no audio on transmission. No modulation at all, just a blank carrier being sent. I have tried normal and high level in the software but nothing. It's the same with a known working speaker/microphone.
I don't know if this was the case before as the radio did not work properly as did not transmit. Not too bothered about it but will keep trying but at least the one problem was solved. :think:

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