DIY 1-30 Mhz Graphic Antenna SWR Analyser

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DIY 1-30 Mhz Graphic Antenna SWR Analyser

Postby Steve B » 24 Sep 2017, 00:06

Just wanted to show a project I completed a while ago.
Uses an AD9850 signal generator, 2 unobtanium expensive diodes, an arduino and a slew of miscelaneous passives.


I had it connected to this shite-o-rama mobile antenna on my balcony.

And this is the SWR curve it reported. Matches with the SWR I measured with my proper shortwave SWR meter. Was really happy with it.


And lastly, here is the curve it shows connected to a full-size ground-plane CB antenna!

Inspiration to build it, the schematic, and source code was found here: (warning: GERMAN! :shock: )

In total, I spent about £10 on the signal generator, already had the arduino, spent £5 on the diodes (god above :crazy: ), and another 5 on the rest of the passives from a local electronics shop. Pretty cheap overall, and works amazingly.
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Re: DIY 1-30 Mhz Graphic Antenna SWR Analyser

Postby andymuza » 24 Sep 2017, 08:31

Excellent work, well done. I will have a look at that link, I can see a little winter project coming on.
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