1.2GHZ Wireless CCTV Frequencies???

Scanning radio frequencies in the West Midlands
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1.2GHZ Wireless CCTV Frequencies???

Post by Ian1800 » 09 Apr 2014, 20:35

Anyone know what the frequencies are for the 1200/1300MHZ
wireless CCTV cameras?
Are there spot channels similar to PMR 446??

Any info gratefully received


Re: 1.2GHZ Wireless CCTV Frequencies???

Post by Mart1n » 11 May 2014, 14:46

1.2GHz Video Sender Channels
4CH = CH1-1.080GHz, CH2-1.120GHz, CH3-1.160GHz, CH4-1.200GHz

1.394GHz Video Sender Channels
Single Channel, 1.394GHz

2.4GHz Video Sender Channels
4CH = CH1-2.411GHz, CH2-2.431GHz, CH3-2.451GHz, CH4-2.471GHz
8CH = CH1-2.414GHz, CH2-2.432GHz, CH3-2.450GHz, CH4-2.468GHz, CH5-2.370GHz, CH6-2.390GHz, CH7-2.490GHz, CH8-2.510GHz

5.8GHz Video Sender Channels
8CH- CH1-5.705GHz, CH2-5.685GHz, CH3-5.665GHz CH4-5.645GHz, CH-55.885GHz, CH6-5.905GHz, CH7-5.925GHz, CH8-5.945GHz

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