Continental Unveils 21st Century "CB Radio"

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Continental Unveils 21st Century "CB Radio"

Post by MrWeetabix » 04 Apr 2018, 08:33

Found this interesting article..... the CB re-minagined for the digital era?

"Continental's new VoicR application transforms the 40-year-old analog CB radio communication technology into a real-time, ad hoc voice-and location-based digital social network. VoicR enables subscribers to create short voice messages and broadcast them to other nearby users or on personalized “CB” style channels to users worldwide.


VoicR's “Internet of Everything” (IoE) style publication and subscription network opens up an unlimited number of user-defined channels based on user interests, including friends’ lists, destinations, events, shared interests and specific services. Certain closed channels can also be used for business, public services or governmental use. Subscribers can choose to join public channels and listen to or respond to voice messages about upcoming travel events, conditions and activities. This information and more can be shared far beyond the broadcast range of traditional analog radio to help drivers stay safe and informed about the road ahead with the click of a button.

VoicR supports Bluetooth hands-free operation in vehicle and push-to-talk via the wireless smart button known as Flic button. Continental is also investigating the possible integration with existing CB radios and the implementation of the software into embedded automotive infotainment systems, the use on special products in the area of commercial vehicles, public services and fleet management. With the integration of VoicR on a next-generation fleet management tablet solution like Continental’s Zonar Connect™, the software can even be used to replace old CB radios, add value and offer a smooth and enriched communication between the managers and drivers, the company says."

Full Article - ... radio.aspx
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Re: Continental Unveils 21st Century "CB Radio"

Post by 108EH002 » 04 Apr 2018, 15:44

Spend enough on radio,would not pay a subscription fee.....if it can be chipped.....
You can talk worldwide on CB radio aswell = not 10 - 15 miles
rsgb/ofcom are too far up their own @rses to admit it = snobs
but many freebanders just happen to know otherwise = 27MHz

Test free CB is enough for me.

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Re: Continental Unveils 21st Century "CB Radio"

Post by The Collector » 04 Apr 2018, 16:34

Bet the bucketmouths/trolls/tw@ts would abuse that for "fun" too.

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